This past week was rugged for me.  I had a major disappointment and a part of myself I haven’t yet learned to completely love was alive and kicking.

I was reflecting on the dynamic that when we take actions to stretch our comfort zone, and it doesn’t work out as planned (or even when it does) we can get some pretty wicked backlash.

When we choose to love ourselves more, and allow more of our-self to come more alive, the old fears and lessons we learned WILL come up to be loved.

This is why self love takes courage.

These fears and old stories don’t mean you should stop stretching and loving yourself more.

They mean you are on the right track.  

They mean that your goal to love yourself more is right on track…These nasty feeling parts are coming up to be loved.  Yikes and Hurray!

For more on this watch this short video:

Take care,

Dr. Jane Tornatore

PS – Check out this amazing podcast!

In Awaken the Savage (how cool of a name is that?) you will hear Lili and I talk about:

  • My Orange Bowl Theory and why we lose when we compare ourselves to others
  • How fear contracts us
  • Why our old, unhelpful beliefs are like an old rusted gate

You’ll also hear my story of the person in college who was so honest she scared me to bits, so I knew I wanted her for a life-long friend!

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