Please Read This Book (Or Listen to the Podcast)

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I am here to attempt to convince you to read a book. This book is for you if you: Are burned out Are stressed Keep feeling stressed Are burned out…you get the point. I started reading this book while running my Simple Self Love for Overdoers, Overgivers, and Overachievers group. (Spoiler alert…It was more than [...]

Self-love Takes Courage

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This past week was rugged for me.  I had a major disappointment and a part of myself I haven’t yet learned to completely love was alive and kicking. I was reflecting on the dynamic that when we take actions to stretch our comfort zone, and it doesn’t work out as planned (or even when it [...]

How Food Affects Your Brain

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Hello, One of the health practitioners I most trust to help my clients with their anxiety and depression is Kristen Allott, ND. I have known Dr Allott, followed her work, and sent clients to her almost since I began my practice 15 years ago.  I regularly use her suggestions to help my clients change their [...]

GABA – A Natural Stress Reliever by Dr. Jessica Wendling

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Since the holidays tend to be a more stressful time, and we are already in a bonus stress year, it seemed like an excellent time to tell you about GABA, a natural stress reliever. I just started taking it and I’m noticing it’s helping.  😊 Because I certainly am not an expert in this, I [...]

Do You Love a Narcissist? Help is Here

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Do you love a Narcissist? Help is here! If you love someone who has narcissist or borderline personality disorder, READ THIS BOOK. Stop Caretaking the Borderline or Narcissist: How to End the Drama and Get on with Life, by Margalis Fjelstad. This book has helped change the lives of several of my clients, literally. The [...]

Social Media and Your Body

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Please watch The Social Dilemma. It will show you why we spend so much time on social media, what it is doing to our thinking, and the resulting social divide. On a personal note, it helped partially explain to me why my brother-in-law and I, both good people, see the world so differently. The reason [...]

“No” is a Complete Sentence

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It’s a grey Seattle morning.  I’m drinking coffee and reading “Detox Your Life” by my friend and colleague Rebecca Gould.  I highly recommend you get it. I can barely sit still because I am reading her section on saying “no.”  I LOVE it! As a child I learned that “no” was not an ok response.  [...]

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